The Southstar Capital Group Team

A Cohesive Management Team, Grounded in Every Facet of Real Estate

Martin Pechter
Chief Executive Officer

Martin (“Marty”) Pechter began his career on a full-time basis in 1981 when he joined the family business, after graduating with highest distinction from Emory University School of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Marty’s career with the family spans construction, development, and day-to-day operations of the commercial division. His success continued with his intimate involvement in all face to-face negotiations in a transaction to sell the commercial properties to Mid Atlantic Realty Trust. The deal was closed in June 1997 and was valued at $120 million. Marty managed the next phase of the family business, and was central in the strategic plans to open up the South Florida market and lead the industrial sector, as well as construction and acquisition of the multi-family properties over several states.

Today, as chair of the executive committee, he holds the title of Chief Executive Officer of Southstar Capital Group, overseeing all operations of the company.

Gina Williams
President & Chief Financial Officer

Gina Williams is the President and Chief Financial Officer of Southstar Capital Group I, LLC. In her capacity as such, Gina is responsible for all aspects of the financial management of the Southstar family of companies, including risk management, money management, acquisitions, dispositions, accounting policies and procedures, and all financial aspects of the family enterprises. Gina serves on the Southstar executive committee charged with all operational, investment, and divestment decisions.

In 2001, Gina Williams joined Southstar as a Regional Controller – bringing with her over 10 years of accounting and banking experience – and grew with the company to Chief Financial Officer of Southstar and all related entities.

In 2015, Gina was promoted to President of the company, while retaining the title of CFO, and continues the Southstar philosophy of bringing in top professionals who truly care about their responsibilities and success of the Southstar family of companies.

Carrie Rampey
Executive Vice President

Carrie Rampey is the Executive Vice President of Southstar Capital Group. In her capacity as EVP, Carrie’s responsibilities include overseeing all acquisitions, dispositions, and operational procedures for all properties in Southstar’s portfolio. Carrie serves on the executive committee of the Southstar companies, and as such, is instrumental in all operational, investment, and divestment decisions.

In 2002, after a nine-year career with Berkshire Realty Holdings and Insignia Financial Group, Carrie joined SouthStar to manage the lease-up of a newly constructed asset in Raleigh, NC. Carrie was later promoted to Regional Manager, overseeing six properties in North and South Carolina. In 2012, she was promoted to the Vice President of Operations, and took on the additional responsibility of Director of Acquisitions.

In 2018, Carrie was promoted to Executive Vice President where she continues to promote the philosophy of hiring and retaining quality employees, and believes that employees are a company’s most valued asset.